(Related) A comprehensive systematic review on mobile applications to support dementia patients

The increasing number of patients living with dementia requires effective support measures. Easier access to mobile devices can provide the follow-up and monitoring of patients with dementia. The literature presents several studies on the use of mobile applications to assist patients, health professionals, and caregivers, considering the different knowledge areas, and scientific and technological contributions.…

Early Detection of Cognitive Decline using Voice Assistant Commands (ICASSP 2023)

Eli Kurtz, Youxiang Zhu, Tiffany Driesse, Bang Tran, John A. Batsis, Robert M. Roth, and Xiaohui Liang Early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) is critical in treating the progression of the disease. Previous studies have shown that ADRD can be detected and classified using machine learning models trained on samples of spontaneous…

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