Research Update on March 8

We have recruited a total of 61 patients, including 30 Healthy Controls (HC), 31 Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI), and 1 Dementia.

Our team recently have finished the following works.

Xiaohui Liang, John Batsis, Youxiang Zhu, Tiffany Driesse, Robert Roth, David Kotz, and Brian MacWhinney, “Evaluating Voice-Assistant Commands for Dementia Detection.”

Youxiang Zhu, Xiaohui Liang, John Batsis, and Robert Roth, “Exploring Deep Transfer Learning Techniques for Alzheimer’s Dementia Detection.”

Hillary Spangler, Tiffany Driesse, Robert Roth, Xiaohui Liang, John Batsis, and David Kotz, “Privacy Concerns Among Older Adults Using Voice Assistant Systems”

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