Xiaohui is organizing Symposium on e-Health at IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2022

https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/ The e-Health track provides an opportunity to bring together healthcare professionals, researchers, scientists, engineers, academics, and students from all around the world to share their experience and latest advances on new technologies and systems development in different healthcare and medicine applications. In particular, the e-Health track of the SAC symposium will focus on theContinue reading “Xiaohui is organizing Symposium on e-Health at IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2022”

“WavBERT: Exploiting Semantic and Non-semantic Speech using Wav2vec and BERT for Dementia Detection” has been accepted by INTERSPEECH 2021

Youxiang Zhu, Abdelrahman Obyat, Xiaohui Liang, John A. Batsis, and Robert M. Roth In this paper, we exploit semantic and non-semantic information from patient’s speech data using Wav2vec and Bidirectional En-coder Representations from Transformers (BERT) for dementia detection. We first propose a basic WavBERT model by extracting semantic information from speech data using Wav2vec, andContinue reading ““WavBERT: Exploiting Semantic and Non-semantic Speech using Wav2vec and BERT for Dementia Detection” has been accepted by INTERSPEECH 2021″

Collaborative Research with SondeHealth

Xiaohui’s group and SondeHealth will collaborate on research related to vocal biomarkers and mental health disorders. Thanks to Jim Schwoebel, Vice President of Data and Research at SondeHealth, for this collaboration opportunity and the access to the voice dataset collected over thousands of users at Sonde Health. Check more about SondeHealth at https://www.sondehealth.com/ Check more about SurveylexContinue reading “Collaborative Research with SondeHealth”

Privacy Concerns Among Older Adults Using Voice Assistant Systems

Hillary Spangler, Tiffany Driesse, Robert Roth, Xiaohui Liang, John Batsis, David Kotz Voice Assistant Systems (VAS) are software platforms that complete various tasks using voice commands (e.g., Amazon Alexa), with increasing usage by older adults. It is unknown whether older adults have significant privacy concerns with VAS. 55 participants were evaluated from ambulatory practice sitesContinue reading “Privacy Concerns Among Older Adults Using Voice Assistant Systems”

Group meeting on March 19, 2021

Meeting using Zoom Attendees: Dr. Liang, Dr. Batsis, Dr. Roth, Dr. Kotz, Dr. MacWhinney, Tiffany, Youxiang We have discussed the project progress, including: We have collected 11 VAS data from onsite in-lab evaluation and 56 VAS data from virtual in-lab evaluation. We plan to recruit patients with dementia from our DH site for the restContinue reading “Group meeting on March 19, 2021”

(Related) News of Smart Speaker

2021/3. Proof-of-concept system turns smart speakers into contactless heart rhythm monitors 2021/2 Efficacy of Smart Speaker–Based Metamemory Training in Older Adults: Case-Control Cohort Study 2020/11. Amazon releases new Alexa features allowing families to monitor seniors living alone 2020/8. Amazon Alexa & Oral-B ink deal for voice-integrated toothbrush system 2018/6. In-Depth: Voice, independence-focused technologies drive agingContinue reading “(Related) News of Smart Speaker”

Exploring Deep Transfer Learning Techniques for Alzheimer’s Dementia Detection

Youxiang Zhu, Xiaohui Liang, John A. Batsis, and Robert M. Roth Examination of speech datasets for detecting dementia, collected via various speech tasks, has revealed links between speech and cognitive abilities. However, the speech dataset available for this research is extremely limited because the collection process of speech and baseline data from patients with dementia in clinical settingsContinue reading “Exploring Deep Transfer Learning Techniques for Alzheimer’s Dementia Detection”

Research Update on March 8

We have recruited a total of 61 patients, including 30 Healthy Controls (HC), 31 Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI), and 1 Dementia. Our team recently have finished the following works. Xiaohui Liang, John Batsis, Youxiang Zhu, Tiffany Driesse, Robert Roth, David Kotz, and Brian MacWhinney, “Evaluating Voice-Assistant Commands for Dementia Detection.” Youxiang Zhu, Xiaohui Liang, JohnContinue reading “Research Update on March 8”